Aromatherapy Aura




Aromatherapy Aura

Learn the power of soothing scents in healing the body by buying this wonderful ebook.

Aromatherapy – a word often associated with calm, sweet
smelling and relaxing surroundings. Made famous for its
mostly relaxing indulgent feature, using aromatherapy has also been known to be related to having medicinal qualities

Table of Contents
Chapter 1:  Aromatherapy- The Basics
Chapter 2:  Understanding Aromatherapy
Chapter 3:  Considering Aromatherapy
Chapter 4:  Using Aromatherapy Effectively
Chapter 5:   More Ways Of Using Aromatherapy
Chapter 6:  Cures Using Aromatherapy
Chapter 7:  Healing Attributes Of Aromatherapy
Chapter 8:  Aromatherapy And Healing
Chapter 9:  Misusing Aromatherapy
Chapter 10: Acquiring Aromatherapy Products
Wrapping UP


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